Hi FriDadders, this week I've spent reflecting as the year tipped backwards and headed in reverse on the optimism I had. So to relish the negativity floating round my brain, here is a short list of regrets I have. Do enjoy,

10 Regrettable Decisions I've made as a parent:

1: Introducing technology

Yep that's right. iPads, laptops, iPods, TV, laptops, mobile phones and even Gameboys. Sure, when you're older kids are going to learn about these things, but as a toddler in a blind panic to ease temper tantrums was a mistake. Now the trouble stems from overuse of technology, causing havoc on devices and the number one reason for temper tantrums.

2: Introducing music (my music)

At first it's great getting your child into stuff you dig. But when it is requested and played over and over...suddenly rock bands make me act like a pensioner and reach for stuff I didn't like originally...I never knew I was a fan of Erik Satie until now.

3: Getting caught swearing

Okay, I'm not the only person o do this. But, I must ask my child why pick the worst times to say to a pensioner, offering you money for sweets. Why call them a bastard?

4: Late nights.

Being a fan of the NFL has it's pros and cons. It gives me content to look forward to, something to cheer for other than my football team, which has been trying to say the least. It's issue is the time zone difference. Really? It finishes around 2am most nights...but it's a big, important game I'm desperate not to miss potential sporting history......Great, a boring game I struggled through, now catch up with sleep that's left before getting through the day with heavy eyes.

5: Giving In

Some things in the world you can let slide, majority of the pizza you share isn't consumed by you, hangovers are self inflicted and getting cut up on the road happens often. But dare I ever let my son win on a little accident, because heaven forbid he'll do it again and again until his hearts content. Consistency is key.

6: Tasting baby food

Once...and never, ever, ever, ever again...

7:  Not acting on my own words

Note to self: Going out means going out, not getting caught up watching Vines and waiting for my son to respond.

8: Offering rules as questions

Another note to self: Bedtime is happening when I say, not if he likes it or not.

9: Not putting in enough educational time

It would be great to give my child some worldly advice and lessons and open his eyes to so much that he can do...rather than show him what twerking is.


10: Forgetting moments

There are so many great things my child has made me realise, I wish I could remember every moment. He makes me laugh, smile, feel warm and proud and I just wish I could capture it all and not miss a moment.

So there we go a brief post for you all to think about. Share your experiences and regrets, surely you've got something that's worth pondering. Until then, have a great weekend.

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