Happy Valentines you guys. It is Friday, but it’s also that time of year where men try to either go above and beyond for attention or rushing last moment for minimal effort.
I really wanted to do something other than Valentines today, but it would be almost ridiculous if I didn’t.
When I wasn’t a parent, Valentine’s was such a foul thing to me. I made it out to be this communistic turd that found its way onto my face like a deceitful slug as the day crept forward (that’s right, I just called Valentine’s a turd slug).
I hated it, because frankly, I wasn’t too good at it. Yes, I was great friends with girls, my best of friends is in fact a woman. The big issue I had was I was not trying to be promiscuous or adventurous…or just fun for that matter. I was all about good company.

Reflecting on the way I was to how I am now, I have a slightly different outlook on Valentine’s. I’ve been with Laura for nearly four years now (that might not seem like a lot, but it’s the only thing besides some items of clothing I’ve had with me the longest). To say I’m grateful for having this woman in my life is an unacceptable understatement.

Upon meeting Laura I still had no idea about having a sense of adventure, being in awe of someone and having someone that took to me differently. The truth is, we never nearly got together at all.
Let me fill you in:

I found her on this website that we shall refer to as FryPlace whilst at University getting bored of drinking over and over. I was intrigued as to how she knew so many people that I knew so I added her and got in touch with her.
We met for the first time November 10th at a concert, I wasn’t particularly into the band, but I was enjoying our time together. Things got weird as she had an ex pretty much circling her, in no mood for a fight I joined the mosh pit that was going on…what’s the difference though, right?
I talked to her a little more after the gig and we went to hang out. We started talking a little more and I started to realise, that she was really fun to listen to. All her adventurous stories, how we’d been to the same places at the same time and what her ambitions were. At the end of the night, she asked to see me again.
Over time, we talked more, hung out more and asked what each of us were doing. It was clear to everyone around us that there were some sparks. But, for some foolish reason we’d spent so long hanging out and not talking about getting together, simply because I was scared I thought we were only going to be friends. So I stupidly told her.

Clearly that put a silencer on our chats. I met with her one night and she told me she was talking with someone else. I realised I’d blown it, I’d been so standoffish that I’d pushed her away from being with me, even though I was crazy about her.

I had a performance two days later, I had spoken with a friend about how I felt I made the wrong decision and how I messed up.
That day after I performed I received a text asking me to go see her. I arrived at her place and she explained herself. She was talking with someone, but suddenly she had told him that she had made a mistake, she wanted to see me instead.  After dwelling a little on what had happened I knew I had to ask her and I knew I was seeing her very soon. The rest my friends, is our history to where we are today.

Laura has taught me so much about who I want to be, how to love, how to respect someone and incredible thing is, I’m still so very much in awe of her. Words could not culminate or justify what love and respect I have for her. And that’s why every Valentine’s, just like the last, I intend to express it.

There it is, it’s not exactly a romantic story for the ages, but it’s one I wouldn’t change a bit. I hope whoever your valentine is: wife, husband, partner, parent or child (I’ve seen it happen). Make sure it’s someone you can truly express your admiration.

Happy Valentine’s and have a great weekend!

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