Fri- Dad

Hello again Fri Dadders. I want to start by apologising for my absence last week. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes of this blog, a lot which has distracted us, required our attention and left us with food for thought. Because of this, I took it upon myself to let Fri Dad go by.

This week we are focused, refreshed and Fri-dazzmical (that is the actual spelling of that fictional word. Anyone who objects is a SMELLY SPANNER).

Since the anniversary of the day I asked Laura if she wanted to know what I looked like naked forever happens this weekend, I wanted to talk about the subject of giving.
Now, we parents give endlessly, it’s why we are tired, drained, exhausted, ratty and forever craving treats.

Looking back on the four years Laura and I will have spent together, the one thing I wish I would give more in our relationship is thanks.

That’s not to say I’m an ungrateful son of a bitch who has a writing degree that writes informally and includes colloquialisms in my text (yeah, grammar nazi’s I’m self-aware of my work. I’m basing my language on narrative voice. Let’s see you use ebonics and defend the criticism, smart arses!). I am truly thankful for the time we’ve shared together.

For the past four years, Laura has endlessly given me her time, thought, love, other half of her bed, half a dessert…sometimes, humour, personality and humility. Also, she’s stuck with me through every up and down and dinners that create gases which only god can forgive me…barely. Everything that she has done culminates to something that I’ve always desired in a partner, someone who loves me for who and what I am alone.

So, I’d love to give you another humorous anecdote of Max being crazy (not that you didn’t already know that), or another list of funny reasons my parenting can be great/ bad or something to uplift you. However, I wouldn’t truly even be in this position, writing this blog, watching my over my beautiful son, staring at that engagement ring I give to her if I didn’t truly mean how thankful I am to have Laura as my fiancĂ©e.

Thank you Laura, with every ounce of affection I have to give. You helped get us out of so many sticky situations (keep your damn dirty thoughts to yourself here) and into so many beautiful one (WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!).

Take this weekend to recognise someone you know who you feel really deserves a thank you call or a gift. You won’t believe how much that will mean to the other person until you do so.

Anyway, that’s all from me, I’m off to watch some more uplifting YouTube videos and sit next to a bowl of onions for an excuse. Have a great weekend and thank you all very much for reading, we both truly appreciate it.

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