A belated hello for the Friday Crew, we have our second SunDad, the first was unintentional, however; this is a shoe in for my absence as expressed on my twitter account.
Today I’m going to explain how it sucks being away from things. Sure, I’ve missed a few FriDad’s in the past (by readers standards, it’s far too many). But don’t think I don’t know if I’ve missed it.

I feel pretty bad every time I have and think of what I miss when I do write them. I think of the times Laura has come to me with numbers and comments that have been left. I truly do appreciate the love that I receive writing these posts, even just the views.
I can honestly say, there’s no greater feeling than returning to a writing gig, even when your eyesight gets hindered to a severe level where opticians try to rush you into the hospital expressing you have a high chance to damaging your corneas…but, that’s all swings and roundabouts really.

The matters of these do come to make me appreciate everything I do have when I’ve been away. Counting Crows did once sing “You don’t know what you got, ‘til it’s gone” with Vanessa Carlton who sung “A Thousand Miles” (If I’m honest Vanessa, we’ve heard this song about walking that far before. Ever heard of The Proclaimers? 500 miles plus 500 more does equal 1,000.)

Those words couldn’t be more true when I took a trip to Peterborough recently. I spend a lot of 1 2 1 time with Max. I do sometimes get a sense of longing for a break. I always believe that sometimes Max gets a bit sick of me, always asking for Mummy instead.
When on this trip I had to wait three hours on my own until my trip home. I can honestly tell you those three hours were the most miserable reflective moments I’ve had. I’d made a phone call to Laura whilst at a shopping centre. She expressed how much Max was missing me, suddenly all I started to see around me were parents. I got off the phone and watched a dad who hadn’t seen his daughter for weeks and talked about their next few days together.
It had really hit me that all I wanted to do, was get home.

I arrived home at nine at night, I said my hello’s to Laura, but Max was sleeping. I had missed my window to see him. I gave him my usual kiss and head pat before slipping into bed.
Fortunately, this story ends on a high. Around 6 or 7, I don’t care which it was too early for me Max walked into the room. I heard his pitter patter followed by a creek of the loose floorboards. I then was greeted with the next five seconds of sound I’ve heard in a long while:
*BIG GASP* It’s you daddy, you’re home!
He then sprinted over to the bed and leaped onto the bed giving me the biggest longest hug and kiss I can remember.
With that he nestled into the bed for a big snuggle. I know it’s all sorts of soppy, but it was just the ticket after spending too long from home.

So there you have it. The grass always seems greener on the other side, but really with kids, I’ve found that there’s nothing better than the greeting you get when they’re that young. Cherish it, remember how little you cared as a teenager when you’re folks left on mates holidays.

That’s it for SunDad. Hope I don’t distract you from PBloggers tonight. I’ll be catching up on a mission to write a script by the end of the month. It’s a bit secret, but it’s really exciting.
Have yourself a great weeke…oh pants! That’s not going to work…hmm…bloody hell, get thinkin’ Scotty…right…okay I think I’ve got it…
Have a great start to the new week…that’s good. Right, time for that beer you don’t need to drink, but you’ll drink it anyway, because you’re a writer and writers drink…lots.

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