Fridad has returned. I hope your week was a dandy.

This weeks was decimate. It was a heck of a quiet one. We felt the pinch this week, so we took it easy...maybe a little too easy.

One person that was on fire was Max...not literally! I don't want anyone to think any sort of arson was involved.

I really wanted to write something thought provoking rather than comical, but FriDad wouldn't be quite the same would it. Next week can be though.

Until then I want to share what I can only describe as humdingers that Max came out with.

Without further ado, here is a prime example that kids can also be entertainment:

(After watching Baby's Day Out)
Me: Max want do you want to do now?
Max: Kick mummy in the willy.
Me: Mummy doesn't have a willy.
Max: Yes she does!

(An air ambulance lands unexpectedly just outside the flat)
Max: Oh, Nan's home.

(Max is asleep)
Me: (To Siri) Define diatribe.
Siri: Definition a thunderous verbal attack.
(Max awakens)
Max: The phones talking nonsense!

(Max is in the bath. He looks down and spots his genitals)
Max: What's these?
Me: They're your balls, son.
Max: Oh...did you buy them for me?
(Commence endless laughter)

(Max is in a world of his own)
Max: Daddy, I want a beard.
Me: I beg your pardon.
Max: I want a beard just like you.
Me: But I don't have a beard buddy. I have bristles, do you want bristles too?
Max: I want a beard now!
Me: You have a long time till you have a beard.
Max: You love beard!
Me: Do I?
Max: Yes it's in the fridge
(It finally hits me)
Me: Oh you mean beer!
Max: Yes! Beer!
Me: Oh I understand you're not having a beer.
(Commence torturous wailing...because my son knows my drinking habits)

Feel free to share all of your humdingers here. Enjoy your weekend!

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