Hello FriDad, it's actually good FriDad.

This week has been a tiring one for me, I got a fair taste of full time parenthood.

Don't get me wrong, it was great spending hard quality time and making plans for fun days out. What took away from it, personally was time and energy to focus on the one thing that niggles and eats at me every night. Writing.

If Laura hasn't explained I aspire to become a script writer. I always enjoyed writing and making stories up as a child, pursued acting then decided I want to give writing a shot at 19.

Since then I graduated University with a scriptwriting degree and have written sketches for radio and a short film for someone's final major project (big boasting point: starring a girl who was in Snow White and the Huntsmen).

However, since stepping out of University, there has only been one real agenda: survive.

Money ran stupidly low, it was our luck the car suffered issues, we had to pay for full time child care and well...writing doesn't lead to a 9-5 job. That career is sale after sale, even then that's spattered with rejections etc.

I've gone from having plenty of writing time to having little time to focus. As was the case this week.

The part that I guess hurts is the free fall has left me feeling if it's worth chasing when the main goal is to build our lives in time for Max to go to school,

Returning to this week. There are opportunities for me to write for competitions and the BBC. They are approaching fast and I've simply not rewritten my story.

I put myself in a position where I said: do I hinder writing and give Max my full attention or do I write whilst Max is here and squander the chance to have some quality time he deserves.

I guess it's tough when you have to compromise, but I feel I made the decision that was fair.

Ultimately, it was a sacrifice and procrastination has worn me down. This is the part in a script they call the 'all is lost' moment. Watch back Disney films and you'll see it, it's near the end.

However, as cruddy as I feel for missing out on writing I was dealt a lifeline. Laura.

She came home Wednesday to see me moping on the sofa, not even looking at the tons of notes I have and plans for a new draft. She ran over and offered me some encouragement. Something to fuel the fire she knows I have.
It's been tough when a lot of times Laura and I rely on one another, but the great thing is even though we've not known each other a serious amount of time, we support each other.

I'm glad to say I'm revitalised and refreshed from the chat we have. Plenty of motivation for the deadline.

To conclude, I truly admire single parents that don't have that helping hand or stay at home parents with little to work with. I learnt it's no easy task and it can tire you. What I hope is there are those that have dreams and desires for the future. I hope that they keep hem in sight and find ways to work towards them everyday regardless.

Well, I guess there's little use talking about it now. Time to get grinding. Thanks for listening to FriDad. Have a great weekend. Get those dreams alive...I'm procrastinating again...bye!

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