Hello FriDad gang, hope your week has been great and Easter hasn't driven you mad with chocolate fuelled children.

I've really little to talk about this week.
This is normally the time I have something funny to say or interesting to say, but I've got to tell you that I've had a lot on my mind. The overthinking and what not has left little for me to talk about parent wise.

I guess in someways, especially if you're younger that parenting can be a bit like that.

When I first found out I was going to be a parent, I had a real project on my hands with Laura. We had places to buy, things to put in place and a serious hardship to prepare for that I had a lot to talk about.

When Max came I had my next big task, I had to face reality as a dad. It was great starting out, a really exciting time learning all the new things whilst doing everything half tired. I had a lot of figuring out and personal planning to arrange.

My next mountain was juggling work with studies at University and parenthood. By no means am I comparing my experience to others and making it seem as if I drew the short straw. I'm not the least fortunate, but knowing my 'backstory' (informal scripty term POW!) I would consider myself the boy least likely to.

Now I'm here. I graduated with the grade I set out to prior to having Max, I have a job still and now my son is self sufficient. I have conquered my biggest life mountain so far. But now, as graduates discover swiftly is I'm now left with one question: So, what next?

It seems crazy that happily ever after is used in story and we believe we can achieve our own. But I've discovered as many before me will tell you, there's no true comfort.

The comfort you desire or comfort you have designed can be very easily be disrupted making it difficult to salvage.
A phrase I can only describe it as (if it's not patented, I'm doing it now!) comfort is over the mountain that's next.
You're not ready to rest until it is all said and done.

Well, I've found it tough to tackle my latest mountain, but I think the obvious thing or project is to point my life into the direction that brings us closer to comfort.
Plenty of different directions it can go and of course there's mountain once I've conquered this, but I know I'll look forward to it.

So returning to my point, which in truth doesn't necessarily identify with young parents, but with parents in general is don't stop looking for your next mountain and how you're going to overcome it. It can be a huge life change or little bits and bobs that inconvenience life. Note it, plan it then tackle it. You'll either succeed or find a new solution.

Well, that was great to discuss. I'll follow up on this discussion with a relevant topic next FriDad. Until next time, enjoy your weekend.

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