Sun Dad (kinda)

A happy belated Sun Dad folks.

Preparation and busyness has set back Fri Dad, unlike Laura I pick my spot usually close to FriDad or FriDad night.

This weekend I'm in London or as I call it free. I'm free of the kid police to enjoy myself as my dad takes care of the sprog. By all means, please don't think I take that for granted. I'm lucky I have parents and parent in laws etc. available to give a helping hand to get some free time.

The fact I referred to Max as the kid police is the topic for the day. Let's throw in a situation that would send shivers down a parents spine.

What if children called the shots.

In most cases, they do. Their determination and expectations lead them to be demanding and set in their mind as to how they want the world to work. For one I understand it, everything in the world is new to them. The more they can be stimulated and more they can experience the better they feel about life.
But, let's give them complete rule of the roost. All the rules, all the authority and cannot be outspoken.
What would the world look like. I haven't got the time to list them all, but let's shed some light on what we'd have to expect.

Personal slavery: That's right. We've abolished slavery and prohibit it, but it's one that would rear it's ugly head. You become the personal chauffeur, chef, chore completer and any other slave like job you can think of.
Forget your job, there is no job anymore. This is what you do now.

Pay abolished: This would have some advantages. Some children don't truly understand the concept of wages, tax, debt and inflation.
They don't understand who gets the money, where it comes from and what earns you money...except if the tooth fairy is about.
With this, you are given an unlimited amount of money. By having this, you can provide whatever their needs are. No more 'can't go on the Bob the Builder ride' or 'can't afford those sweets'. It's all capable. Prepare to fill your schedule with trips and shopping sprees. They will never end.

NO EARLY NIGHTS!: Forget 'em. Your free time has gone, hope you like coffee or red bull. You're gonna' need it FOREVER!

Sweets at dinner: Really? You couldn't figure that out yourself.

Children's tv 24 hours: This one hurts. All the great TV shows exist no more. Move over Broadchurch, the real mystery show is Rastamouse. Bye bye Breaking Bad, the only the who knocks is Justin/ Mr. Tumble (I'd watch that if Justin's House was a harbinger of pure drug dealing).

And also...

Infinite wisdom: School becomes a social event, the only people they need to ask questions about everything in the world is you, the all knowing and impeccable answerer of the question 'why?'. You are now a modern day Descartes, philosophy is irrelevant. Theories and perceptions don't hold up at all, just fact exists.

If you can envisage that world. Chuck in your horrors or blessings. But before you spin yourself into a whirlwind of thoughts, I hope you had a good weekend and see you again next week.

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