FriDad ahoy!

Yes readers it's the weekend soon and it is time I take over for a weekly shout.

It's Father's Day this weekend and I wanted to take a moment to pay homage to Dadhood.

It's fair to say that no, fatherhood is not the hardest job out of both parents. I'm not here to address that.
However, it's fair that the role of a father is no stroll in the park.

For every dad who was there through pregnancy, read the books, went to every session and was caffeine filled on that late night trip to the hospital. Being pro-active and wanting to be involved isn't a knock on your prowess, it's a display of your dedication.

To every father who got to hold their child and was completely overcome with joy, that offered to do nappies to let your partner rest and looked a tit falling asleep in their own lunch and didn't want to go back to work. Your commitment is truly appreciated.

To every man who never lost his mind at every sleepless night, ear splitting cries, exploding nappies, ruined house wear, tantrums and children's TV. You do it for love and it shows.

To anyone who isn't ashamed to kiss their kid, look daft as they play with them...or just dance in general. Who go out with stains on their t shirt and still have toys in their car. It's not the thoughts people have of you, it's the memories you have that you can cherish.

Do spare a thought for children won't be sharing their Father's Day as they aren't there, no longer with them or maybe the dad isn't quite the role model as hoped.

Dads who do fight the good fight, take a day to step back and recognise just how awesome it is to be a dad and have a loving family. Make the most of your day Sunday, not the least.

Have a great Fathers Day and a great weekend.

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