FriDad ahoy!

Here I am again folks...on my fiancĂ©es blog...on a Friday...rather than a blog of my own.

I started off with that sentence to give you an idea of the topic that I will be posting about today.

I have since received 2 questions regarding my posts.

The first one was: Scott, you're so super hunky. Gosh I really like your writing style and I think you'll become a writer for the greatest of films we've ever seen. Please can you come visit?...I have pizza and cider at your disposal...tell me your WHOLE LIFE STORY!

...Okay that one wasn't real. For the record, it's prawn toast with sweet chilli sauce and beer that I enjoy.

The actual question I received, was: You have so many different things to say in your blog post. How come you don't have a blog post of your own?

...that didn't happen either. I guess I just wanted to look like people talk to me who aren't 3 and a half years old or called Max.

Nevertheless, I can answer this question, why don't I use my own blog?

Well, it's quite simple...I don't enjoy writing blogs.

There I said it! Blog writing is not a true passion of mine. At least right now, I have nothing I want to throw into an open web page for the world to glare at.
I would want to blog about things that do interest me...NFL, scriptwriting (but not how to's etc.) but, currently my fixation is driven to other things.

I don't personally feel obligated to write about parenthood. Being a dad is awesome, don't get me wrong, but it's not an attribute I truly want to be remembered for.
Early on into parenthood it was what made me stand out. I was the goofy writer student with a kid. Soon I realised, it's not a talking's a deterrent for other non parents. I felt slightly felt like female students avoided me not to catch 'the pregnant' (don't worry Mila Kunis, I don't say we're pregnant. Watching what Laura went through was serious stuff, my contribution was...minimal).
However, the more I thought about parenthood, the more I felt that parenthood is something I talk very little about. When I do, it's to tell people who are intrigued what I get up to...which happens rarely.
This isn't me telling you stop blogging about parenthood. By all means, every parent has a story, mine just isn't worth talking about. Not to be of interest anyway.

So why do I write on Laura's blog?

A few reasons.

One is, I truly support Laura's writing. She's passionate about it and she loves it. When she asked me about writing for the blog, I was a little skeptical at first (as the first blog I did suggests), but I've learnt to just get on with it.

But I thought you hated blog writing and that you had nothing to say?...well, I do have a few things to say. So when I do, I save them for these posts.

And finally, really to discipline myself to adhering to a deadline. I'm quite bad at deadlines for writing, but with someone on my case, it works a treat. With a little luck, I will be able to branch out and write what I like on a blog I can be arsed to do.

So there you have it. All of your questions answered...yes, I know none of you even asked...but hey, answers that question easily.

Until next week, enjoy yourselves and love each other.

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  1. Haha, Love this post.
    We have the opposite problem, Stu wants to blog on my blog and I won't let him. Maybe I should....