Right Friday Followers, let's FriDad.

I've had one roller coaster of a week, more downs than ups and it's been tough. It's only now that I have really accepted that I'm in a sticky situation, which seems odd considering the situation I was in this Wednesday.

This Wednesday, I found a quiet moment with the family about to take a moment and post a video response on VoxPopMe (if you can, check it out I love it).
I used the nearest room, which was Max's and closed the door.
I posted two quick video responses then headed for the door.
Much to my surprise, the door was stuck. I was trying to turn the handle, but it wouldn't budge. Laura instantly rushed over and tried to open it, but couldn't.
After nearly 30 minutes of trying to unscrew the handle, force it open we had to call the fire brigade.
It took four firemen roughly ten minutes to pry the door open and push it open.

All the time this was happening I was calm. I was calm, because I realised something. Things were just right to be okay. I had no reason to panic, I was the one in danger, Max was safe and okay Laura was late for work, but everything was fine.
If the circumstances were different, I would have panicked a little more. What if Max was in there? What if I was in there and Max had no one? What if I was in there, Max was alone and I didn't have my phone?
That's the closest I've been in terrible trouble for...ages.

I truly believe that there are moments in life where you are thrown these little curve balls. We are given all sorts of trials and tribulations, and it's up to us to step up and behave the way we need to in order to resolve them. I feel that that incident I've been working towards, and I owe my patience all to parenting.

It's far too easy to snap and lose it whilst tired and weary. It's easy to give up (though, admittedly I'm working on it).

With practice, I've learned that my son relies on my toughness. Not physical, but mental toughness. He knows I mean business when I do and he knows that no matter what, I love him.

In doing so, I've been able to apply that patience in so many ways. Work, communication, writing and life opportunities.

Some day you'll face your locked room. Some of you may have faced one or two and many will face many locked rooms.

With confidence, you'll know not to panic, things will resolve, as long as you work at them.

That's all from me this weekend. Enjoy the weather and see you next week!

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