Wishlist Wednesday - Valentines For Him

With Valentines Day around the corner I thought I would put together some ideas for him and her that could be something different to the generic flowers and chocolates (not that those aren't a good idea too!). We always want to think outside the box when it comes to gift buying but sometimes these things aren't as easy as we thought so here are some starting points for ideas.

Scott is a bugger to buy for. He's either into expensive tech or asks for a wash set. It doesn't leave much for the imagination. So I scour the net and try and find things that he will love. Hopefully some of these items will be great for him as well as your man friends too.

Beer Bods Subscription - I bought this for Scott at Christmas and let me tell you, Thursdays are the new weekends. He absolutely loves cracking open his weekly beer, chatting away with other subscribers and finding new favourites.

Lush Dirty Springwash - The most iconic range for men in Lush is the dirty range. Scott loves this refreshing shower gel and let me tell you, I may have used it myself too!

Pebble Smartwatch - For the inner tech geek, this watch is one of the lower ends of the smart watches but it packs a punch. There seems to be lots of hubbub around this and its all screaming with positive reviews.

USB Mixtape - Gone are the days of tape decks and walkmans. With the rise in smartphones there's no room for a mixtape. That is until now. This USB mixxtape is great as you can load and reload song idea's to your hearts content. Though I don't think standing under a window with a smartphone and tiny speaker will have the same impact as it did on Say Anything!

Smart Phone Projector - Scott adores this. It's a build your own smartphone projector. The box unfolds and slots together with surprisingly easy instructions. The projection isn't massive but is great for us to lie in bed and watch something on the wall.

Beard Grooming Kit - Beards are all the rage. You don't want a scraggly one though so a grooming kit is a must. This one comes in a great little tin meaning that you won't ever lose it!

Seattle Seahawks NFL Tshirt - Yes they may have lost the Superbowl, but Scott would have killed me for posting any other team. The NFL is getting hot here in the UK. With games played over here and teams appearing all over it's time to jump on a team wagon and see what all the fuss is about. And let's face it, the kit looks a whole lot nicer than the UK football teams!

Native Union Phone Case - A phone case is a great way of personalising something that everyone has. This is great as it's understated yet classy. A bold statement for the man in your life.

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