Bournemouth Oceanarium

Ever since Max was little we have always had an annual pass for a local attraction. For many years it was the Oceanarium, but we took a change last year. This year we decided to return to our roots and head back for another annual pass. 

There is something magical about watching Max around the fish. Once he races around at top speed he takes time to sit and watch them, almost hypnotically, bringing a sense of calm over him that we don't see many other places. 

He's constantly asking questions about the fish, sharks and turtles with fascination and it's a great hands on way for him to learn about the environment with interactive features. There's some great hands on things to do and learn for the kids and they are in the process of adding a penguin enclosure this summer meaning that the place will be even more exciting!

The best thing about the Oceanarium is that you can return at any point in the day to watch all the different feeding sessions meaning that your money spent is well worth it. If you haven't caught the otters being fed then it's definitely recommended. We love the Oceanarium and can't wait to spend the rest of the year visiting. 

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  1. Fabulous! I love going to the sealife centres near me. They really are fascinating for kids. The idea of getting a pass is good, I love that you get to go back at any time, it must be cool to watch the different sea creatures being fed!