Getting Ready for Victorious Festival

We absolutely love going to festivals. We were gutted when we didn't get to go to any last year, Max was under strict instructions to stay indoors due to his back. It did mean that we rocked out to many a festival on the TV though.

This year we opted against camping festivals. We absolutely love Camp Bestival and Isle of Wight but nothing beats curling up in your own bed at the end of a tiring day rocking out. We have already been to a few local festivals and are super excited to head to Victorious Festival in Portsmouth at the end of the month.

Victorious Festival is a 2 day festival set in the gorgeous Southsea, Portsmouth. Full of fantastic music such as Noel Gallagher and Manic Street Preachers, you will literally pinch yourself at the £35 per day entry ticket! Not only do they have brilliant music, but they also have an amazing kids area filled with famous faces such as Cook and Line. There is also some treasures such as Happy's Circus and even Portsmouth University with some brilliant astronomy activities. We honestly can't wait to pop down.

Unlike camping festivals, day festivals like Victorious are a perfect way to ease yourself into the idea of a family friendly festival. Not only do you get to avoid camping and dodgy showers, but you also get to experience the full festival atmosphere.

One thing to note is that there are normally a few differences such as parking (we have paid extra for a pre booked parking space close by, Victorious has some fantastic transport links though) and food (no pre-bought food is allowed on site, same goes for opened drinks). However we have put together some of the things that are going into our bag when we head off to Victorious Festival.

  • Fujifilm Instax Camera - We literally take this everywhere. It's a fantastic way of taking instant memorable photos. Of course we have our phone too, but it means that we won't be carrying around an expensive bit of kit alongside everything else.
  • Water Bottle - We love this one by HydrateM8 as it shows you how much you should be drinking on the bottle. Being at a festival, the time can run away with you. So having a bottle with a reminder can keep your kids topped up no matter what!
  • Fjallraven Kanken Classic Bag - This is my favourite bag ever. Not only is it incredibly lightweight, it is also hardwearing and is deceptively bigger than it seems. Perfect for cramming in all those baby wipes and other festival essentials.
  • Pac a Mac - A pac a mac is a must. Even if you only bring one for the kids. We take one everywhere, especially at festivals as there really is little shelter when the floodgates open. I normally have one for Max and throw some disposable ponchos in the bag for me and Scott.
  • Sun Hat - Since Max got his burn, we are ultra careful when it comes to sun care. A hat is a must for a festival, even if it seems overcast! Normally there's still lots of UV rays that can damage your skin. Teaming a hat with regular sun cream use means that we can ensure he is covered (and cool) as possible!
  • Ear Defenders - This is a vital in my opinion. Kids ears are much more sensitive than adults, so ear defenders are perfect for keeping the ears protected. Max has had his since he was 6 months old and they still fit him now so are a fantastic investment. We don't use them all the time but certainly make sure he has them on when he gets close to the stage at events. 
We cannot wait to indulge in some good old festival fun. Max has been counting down the days and I have been writing my packing lists like a maniac. It may only be 2 days but I love to be prepared and have the car packed for any eventuality. We are super excited for Victorious Festival, hope to see you there!

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  1. Great list, some of my fave items, including the Instax and Hydrate M8 bottle.
    I am quite jealous I would love to go to a festival, have fun xxxx