Woodland Walks with Saltrock

We are fortunate to live in an area that has both an abundance of beaches and forests areas. It means that we can go on any type of adventure we feel like and discover something new. This year we have challenged ourself to try and explore as much of our local area as possible. So when Saltrock approached us recently to blog about one of our favourite woodland adventures, we couldn't wait to jump in the car and whisk ourselves away. 

Being a stones throw away from lots of nature reserves means that we are spoilt for choice of where to take our adventures next. Luckily we live near Talbot Wood Nature Reserve, we jumped in the car and parked in one of the roads nearby. With a mixture of hills and valleys, rivers and heathland, there is more than enough to explore.  Also with over 4 miles of heathland, you can feel like the only ones for miles if you take the right path. We only wanted to spend a couple of hours there so we planned one of the shorter walks that you can do along a designated trail.

Fortunately Saltrock sent us some clothing including a men's fur-lined hoodie and a matching boy's fur-lined hoodie for Max. The best thing about Saltrock clothing is they really think about the outdoors. Both of the hoodies are perfect for this mixed weather that winter seems to bring us. The hoodie is thick enough to keep you warm no matter what the open air decides to do, and the fur-lined hood means that you head is kept toasty!

Despite being classed as fur-lined, these hoodies are actually borg lined. This is a faux sheepskin that retains heat and makes you feel like you are wearing a duvet instead of a hoodie (Scott's is my favourite for these freezing winter mornings). It makes it great for long walks in the heath as it adapts to your needs and keeps you warm when the wind really picks up.

Whenever we head out we always try and make it as fun for Max as possible. Whilst he is only 6, he does get bored easily. From discussing lost treasure, to finding geocaches and Pokemon; we are always on the lookout for our next adventure. We are ever so fortunate to live where we do, and whilst we might not have the most time to spend together as a family, there is plenty of adventure out there for us to explore.

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