Simple World Book Day Costume

World Book Day, a day that us booksellers love, but parents hate. Being caught in the two I find that I love coming up with great things for Max to dress up as, but it does get tedious as a working mum to find the time to craft something. 

This year, Max's school came up with the inventive idea of coming in dressed as a noun or verb, with a prize for the most innovative in each category. Max being Max decided that the challenge was too easy and wanted to do the both of them. I mean what World Book Day costume can I come up with that involves a verb and a noun...

A Protesting Crayon!

One of Max's favourite books is one called "The Day The Crayons Quit". A tale that comprises of letters from disgruntled crayons to their owner about how they want to quit colouring. Max being the slight cynic he is, thought that a protest crayon would be perfect.

The best thing about this? It's an amazing easy costume to make. I teamed a plain coloured top with a matching party hat to create the crayon body and it's tip. I then used some mount board and bamboo sticks to create mini placards for him to protest with. One costume made over a glass of wine!

Max seemed incredibly chuffed with his costume and walked into school amongst the Disney princesses and Marvel characters with his head held high!

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