Our West End Wish List

Since Max was little, we have surrounded ourselves with the love of theatre and luckily it's rubbing off on him too. He's become as obsessed as me and loved to listen to his favourite soundtracks from morning until night. We are fortunate to attend lots of local theatre performances and Max loves being part of Stagewise school of the performing arts too.

Whilst we try and see as many shows as we can, the price soon adds up. So we try and limit ourselves to one big show and several smaller shows throughout the year. That means that our West End Wish List is building and growing. I thought I would share a list of some of the shows we are most excited to see (when we get the chance)

  • Matilda The Musical has been top of our list for as long as I can remember. With Max knowing all the words to Naughty and Revolting Children and singing them most mornings on the way to school, it's definitely a show that we will know and love for years to come. It's set to tour in 2018/2019 and we are hoping it comes to one of our local theatres on it's way!
  • The Lion King is a musical that I adore and with Max being a huge fan of the film, I think the visuals of the stage show would blow him away and fuel the love of theatre even more. I also think our trip to Disneyland Paris in September will add some more love to this musical.
  • Aladdin is yet another Disney favourite of ours. And all the coverage and clips we have seen of the musical make it look magical. My brother went and saw it at Christmas and couldn't rate it highly enough so it's definitely shot up towards to the of our list.
  • School Of Rock is a musical that definitely appeals to daddy as well as me and Max! We are HUGE fans of the original movie so as soon as we knew it was being turned into a musical we knew we had to see it. Max has even requested to have lessons for his electric guitar so he can audition when he is old enough!
  • Wicked is a musical that has us singing at the top of our lungs in the car on any drive we go on. We harmonise in For Good and Max puts on his best Glinda impression for Popular! It's headed to our local theatre in 2018 so I will hopefully grab some tickets when they come on sale as it would be a massive treat for my little munchkin.
  • Stomp is a show that seems like tonnes of fun. Max loves noise and I love that this is about creating music and noise from unlikely things.  It's one that has been on my wish list for ages and I think Max would love it. 
There are tonnes of other shows that we would love to see to that have either left the West End (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) or not over here yet (Dear Evan Hansen) but these are definitely hitting the top of our lists at the moment. 

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