Getting Ready For Summer Festivals

This summer we are off to a fair few festivals. With Camp Bestival to kick off and Victorious to end. Over the years I have worked out that overpacking for a festival is a massive no-no. With tonnes to carry, I seemed to have worked out a refined list of must have items that I can take to any festival. 

I thought I would share some of my favourites with you to give you some inspiration and help you fill your rucksack for a day at a festival!

  • A lightweight pack away rain mac - After Camp Bestival last year, we are prepared for any weather! A lightweight rain mac is essential to throw in the bottom of your bag incase of any sudden downpours. We tend to pack one in each bag, knowing that if we split up we all have coats! I picked this one up for Max from Matalan, but you can get them anywhere.
  • Primo Vino wine - I am a huge fan of practicality at festivals and Primo Vino wine is no exception. With sparkling white wine in a can, you know that you can easily pack this in your bag and you won't be stuck with the no glass rule! It's a perfect size for a refreshing glass and the can is mighty adorable too! Oh and they taste absolutely divine.
  • Ion8 water bottle - A good water bottle is essential at festivals. With multiple refilling stations you can keep hydrated and know you won't be at risk of leaking everywhere or wasting money on lukewarm water. I tend to take a squeeze bottle of squash in my bag too, to give a bit of flavour and this bottle is the perfect size. I also love that the Ion8 bottle is guaranteed not to leak and there is a one button open meaning muddy hands won't be grappling at the lid.
  • Sommar Ikea cool bag - I am always on the lookout for the perfect cool bag and I think that this one has ticked the boxes. It's roomy enough to fit in all my snacks (I'm on Slimming World and Max is fussy!) yet small enough to sit in my bag comfortably and have room for everything else. It's also lightweight enough that it can collapse and fold away when all the food has been eaten.
  • A Little Disco glitter - You can't go to a festival and not have some glitter on you. This glitter from A Little Disco is perfect as it's biodegradable and plant based, so not only will you look fab, but you will also be using an eco friendly product. I think we are going to pop this on over the weekend on my birthday to give us a bit of sparkle!
  • Canon G7x Mk2 - Obviously I have to take a camera to a festival. With little space to pop my DSLR in my bag, I always tend to go for my trust G7x that not only takes fab photos, but videos too! I'm going to be capturing all the festivals we go to and creating fabulous memories for us to look back on.
  • Handy wipes - These are essential for not only a festival, but also any other days out. I'm forever cleaning up mucky fingers and faces, so these wipes are perfect for fitting in the bag to keep incase we need them.
  • Suneez sunglasses - Max seems to have broken about 5 pairs of sunglasses this summer alone, so this festival season we are now opting for some fantastic Suneez sunglasses. Not only do they look cool, come with a case and a neck strap, they are also pretty indestructible. Made of pliable rubber, these sunglasses are perfect as I know that accidentally dropping them won't cause them to break!

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