Stand Atlantic - Electric Ballroom

I am one of those people that still listens to the same music that they did when they were 14/15. It's not that new music isn't good, it's just I don't have time like I did when I was younger to sit and listen to every new band to find that diamond in the rough. Sometimes though my Spotify playlist throws a new song into the mix and I find an absolute headbanger of a tune. 

That's what happened when we discovered Stand Atlantic. An Australian band that sing songs that just transport me back to standing in a gig venue as a 15 year old, screaming along to songs at the top of my lungs. So when Scott surprised me with tickets to see them in London, you can bet I was excited! Alas the weather wanted to prevent us from going (it was the weekend of the the storm to end all storms), but in all honesty, we were ready to battle whatever weather in order to be at the Electric Ballroom. 

The Electric Ballroom is a Camden based venue. Situated just past the tube station, you head downstairs to the venue and feel like you are in a whole other world to what is above ground. I have to be honest, it's definitely been close to 15 years since I was at the venue, but in all honesty nothing had changed. If things aren't broken don't fix them. As we are older than we would like to think, we moved ourselves to the middle of the room near the sound desk and put our earplugs in (don't judge, your hearing will thank you when you are older and you don't have tinnitus!) ready for the support acts and then the show itself. 

Up first were The Dead Love. A band that we gave a bit of a listen to before we went, but honestly didn't win us over. Whilst we could appreciate the music they created and the fact that they will probably be making some serious big marks in the future, they just didn't tick our boxes. Of course all music is subjective, and they really picked up the crowd ready for the rest of the night. 

Next up was Lauran Hibberd, an Isle of Wight singer songwriter that has an army of fans at the front of the room singing along. I absolutely loved her high energy performance and she looked absolutely fantastic, but again was not an artist that would be top of my playlist. I can see big things from her in the future and she wouldn't go amiss to being on Radio 1 in the not too distant future. 

Finally was the main event and after 2 years of originally booking the tour they were on stage. Stand Atlantic opened with Jurassic Park, a high energy pop punk song that had the whole audience singing and dancing at the top of their lungs. Bonnie Fraser is ever bit the front woman that a band like this needs. She managed to keep the energy of the show on high, gave the audience a breather with some of the slower songs, and even introduced an ode to the pastry shop Greggs, what's not to love? I was blown away by the new song Pity Party and Scott adored the throwback with Coffee At Midnight. 

After a long time of venue's being closed due to Covid, it was so nice to be in a room with people that were singing, dancing, and forgetting all the worried of the outside world for a few hours. What. A. Show. I'm so pleased we have tickets to see them again at Slam Dunk Festival!

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