The Addams Family - BBLOC Review

Bringing the essence and energy of the west end onto a local stage, BBLOC (Bournemouth & Boscombe Light Opera Company) are one of the most professional musical theatre society groups that I’ve ever seen. Each show they produce rivals the west end in their professionalism, performance and altogether showstoppers. They are a true credit to the Bournemouth arts scene and continue to impress me show after show. 

This Autumn, their offering is nothing short of spooky and fits perfectly with their Halloween weekend performance schedule; The Addams Family. 

The story follows the kookiest, spookiest, family that we all know and love as they head on another wild adventure. But this time the family must face a challenge they have never faced before, Wednesday falling in love, and with a boy that is neither spooky or kooky. As the family unconfidently welcome a new arm to their family, they must face their own inner demons and find their own version of happiness no matter how unexpected it may be. 

The show includes a full cast alongside the family, that represent a whole host of spooky ancestors from Addams family past, there is more than the eye can see and take in on stage and one minute you are staring at a ballerina, an Egyptian, and even a viking. The staging looks like it’s come straight from the west-end, giving this a performance that could rival that of the professionals. Each song is a toe-tapping ear worm that will leave you singing them as you drive home. From the classic "When You're An Addams" that introduces you to the whole show, to the hilarity and mayhem of "Full Disclosure" and the sincerity of "Happy Sad". The show has the perfect blend of modern musical theatre with a quirky twist that gives this show the wow factor brought together by a full band with musical direction by Ian Peters.  

Kirstie Rogers is the perfect Morticia, with her sultry demeanour and dark, twisted humour that makes her the powerful matriarch of the family. Her chemistry with Matt Stockham who plays Gomez means they are the perfect power couple of stage, with his devotion to both his wife and daughter being the pinnacle of his potential downfall. Their tango was utterly fantastic, whilst Matt's humour and comedic timing sprinkled throughout the show was brilliant. Both were not only the heart of the family, but also the heart of the show. 

Wednesday is the feisty adolescent we know and love. Torn between wanting to please her family and follow her heart, we see a softer side to her on stage that we've never seen before. Sophie May Adnett wowwed the audience with her rendition of "Pulled", whilst her duet with her love interest Lucas Beineke; played by Matthew Traher; showed emotion and action as they put their true love to the test. He helped show Wednesday’s vulnerability whilst still giving a brilliant performance. 

Lucas' parents are played by Ian Metcalf and Sally Wheeler. Both Mal and Alice feel nervous as they enter the Addams home, with Mal struggling to support his son and Alice breaking into sickly sweet rhymes that wouldn't be amiss on birthday cards. Their transformations through the show almost leave you thinking that these actors are playing two completed different roles by the end, it's absolutely brilliant. 

Fester played by Sean Lee Hardy brings the unexpected humour and narration to the story. With hilarious quips and an unexpected love of his own, you can’t help but love his innocence. Lurch played by Peter Gutteridge is a man of few words, but his performance is unforgettable, I wouldn't want to spoil it, but it's one to watch. Pugsley is played by two young actors across the run, and in this show was performed by Alfie Fitzpatrick. His performance of "What If" brought the house down and there is a bright future ahead of him in the world of stage and screen. Rounding off the family is Grandma played by Jo Uzzell, the most lewdest, crudest grandma you will ever meet, that will have the whole family in stitches and disgusted at the same time. You don't know if you should love her or be terrified of her! 

Every performer on stage from the youngest to the oldest is a credit to BBLOC. Each show they are brought together with the direction of Helen Barrington, who seeks for nothing less than perfection from each performer, and it shows. With professionalism shining from every person on stage, you forget that this isn't a professional touring cast and it goes to show the wealth of talent that the local Bournemouth community has. 

The Addams Family is show like no other. You must leave your morals and inhibitions at the door as death is just around the corner. Filled with dark humour, romance, compassion and a bit of torture, you will find something for the whole family to love. It's a feel good show that has a coffin full of laughs yet still brings the essence and misery that we know and love from this altogether dysfunctional family. Full disclosure BBLOC, you've done it again!

The Addams Family is showing from 28th-31st October at the Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre, with performances running twice a day on the 29th and 30th. For more information and to snap up the last few remaining tickets lick on the following link: The Addams Family - BBLOC

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