Victorious 2018 Friday Review

As always, Victorious Festival is our favourite way to end the summer holidays. Not only do we get to see Scott's parents for the weekend (well use their place as a crash pad!), but we also get to listen to some fantastic music in a great community atmosphere. There's something fantastic about Victorious that has us loving it year after year and always wanting to go back. 

This year was no different. With a stellar line up, we decided to head down for the Friday evening to check out some of the music on this condensed first day. 

It's worth noting that Friday at Victorious is on a much smaller scale. With only the Common stage and the Beats and Swing tent open, it feels a lot more enclosed than on other days. This is because there is a limited line up, but that doesn't mean it was any less fun and we couldn't wait to boogie and enjoy ourselves. Scott wasn't back from work on the Friday night, so we popped to the festival ourselves and couldn't wait to feel right at home in our favourite place.

Unfortunately with the rain hammering down, we decided to keep to the press tent and the premium enclosure. After such a fantastic bout of sunny weather it was gutting to feel like we had a Camp Bestival part 2! Luckily the rain eased off and we managed to make the most of the few hours we were there.

One thing we love about the premium area is the free activities on offer. Whether you want to relax on a hammock or make a floral crown, there is something for everyone. Of course Max couldn't wait to get his face painted. It feels like a bit of a ritual to get his face painted as soon as we turned up! This year he opted for a half face sugar skull and the comments he had were amazing! With so many people admiring it, it wasn't a surprise to see so many kids with them the next day.

We also decided to get our bearing and we popped out into the main arena. Whilst most things had stayed the same, we were surprised to see that the Coca-Cola stand had moved to the main stage. Of course we took full advantage of testing their new zero sugar flavours and whilst I loved the cherry one, Max adored the vanilla! Throughout the weekend they were offering free bottles of drink and other prizes for recycling your cans. It was a fantastic way to get a perk for contributing to the tidy feel of the festival.

Of course the Friday night is all about the music. With some classic brit-pop from Shed Seven to indie rock from the headliners The Libertines, there was something for everyone. We couldn't wait to see Kaiser Chiefs and we were honestly so impressed with their performance. Not only did they do a fantastic job at cheering the crowd on in the rain, it's amazing to see just how many hits they have had in their time.

Max enjoyed singing his heart out to the song "Ruby" who he said was for his best friend and he had a prime viewing spot on the premium viewing platform. Whilst the premium upgrade is fairly pricy, it's always worth it as you have fantastic, unrestricted views of the main stage. Which is perfect for little ones, or when you don't want to hang around for hours waiting!

After a short but jam packed Friday night, we couldn't wait to get in bed. With an early start prepared for Saturday, we needed all the rest we could get. Whilst we loved watching the music on the Friday night, I'm not too sure if I would bring Max with me next time as it was incredibly crowded and he did feel like he didn't have much space to spread out and enjoy himself. Having said that, he loved the music and I really couldn't wait to head back the next day.

*Note: We were gifted tickets for our honest review of the event. All opinions are our own.

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